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Microbiome and Bipolar

This is one of those studies in China that we can only assume that human participants are ethnically similar, getting about the same amount of exercise, and eating the same general foods. This study could not have been conducted before rapid geneome sequencing was available, identification of small molecules in the plasma, neuro imaging, and the compute power to connect the three in very large data sets.

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This post is about GPR109a and the response to LPS. It is a direct full circle to the post called Clinoptilolite that describes a decrease in the tight junction protein ZO-1 in the feces of human endurance atheletes. CLinoptilolite decreases the loss of barrier function. Clinoptilolite cont addresses a metabolomics study demonstrating changes in β-hydroxybutyrate and other metabolites that could be ligands for GPR109a in dairy cows