solo websites

My previous website work was done with a partner who know the SEO aspect backwards and forwards.  I’m learning that free WordPress websites are better than Word or PDF documents when it comes to communicating ideas.  Websites can be viewed from smart phones in most crowded air ports on when the reader is standing in line at a store.  Word and PDF files must be downloaded and read from a lap top.

Stuff for fun

Taragenix is the North American distributor for EM-1, a probiotic blend produced by a Japanese company called Effective Microorganism Research Company.

I looked at the scientific literature for each bug in the mix and blogged about my experience so far with this mix.  For those you like brewing their own booze, making yogurt, and fermenting vegetables, this is a very fun product.  You can buy it directly from Teragenix.

Consulting work

I created for Mitosynergy.  We had clinical trial data and educational information.  The owner, Charlie Barker, linked it to his FaceBook account.  We had close to 100 views per day until we password protected material.

There’s a company in Tucson called MSE Supplies  that will become the North American distributer of Edmond-Buehler laboratory equipment.  Some of this equipment is very “biology” with some exciting overlap with the electronics industry.

The confusing and flexible aspect about Edmund-Buehler laboratory shakers is that the buyer builds them from the base up.  This was explored in



These sites are now dead so as not to confuse Google with duplicate content.  At the time they proved to be an easy way of sharing information that could be read anywhere with cell phone reception.

is an overview of Catalina success stories from over the years.

Impressive things happening in Tucson Companies

These are some sites I wrote to gain practice and at request of a colleague who was going after some consulting work.