Clays and Binders

This page links to some password protected posts I am writing for a client as we explore some of the wonders of  alternative medicines. 

C60/Buckminsterfullerene, and activated carbon

The C60 post is also about activated carbon, that is used for detox. There are some very chemical properties of all of these agents.

C60/Buckminsterfullerene is a spherical version of graphene.


This clay has some unique properties we are looking into. Sepiolite can be used to bind all sorts of biological molecules.

This image shows the chemical and geometric structure of sepiolite. SEM image is also included.


Philliposite clay had a small impact on the intestinal microbiome of these dogs eating an almost human diet.

Clinoptilolite decreases tight junction protein ZO-1 in the feces of human endurance atheletes.