Plant based medicine

Now that recreational cannabis is legal in the place where I live, I started using it occasionally for medical reasons. I have become very fascinated by the biochemistry of how cannabinoids and their entourage terpenes act in our bodies. Terpene Targets was started to document my education. Through many contacts I learned that the Levo 2 oil infusing device is used to used to decarboxylate cannabinoids in Cannabis products as well as infuse oils with said products. The Levo 2 works pretty well for extracting therapeutic terpenes from lavender flowers too. The thing that really disappointed me is that I could not get good quantitation of the terpenes in my lavender infused oil that I used to make coffee creamer. The Germans have done a pretty interesting in narrowing down the receptors involved in their lavender extract called Silexan. If my terpene analysis of lavender infused oil, I’d be trying really hard to apply for funding to set up a database of oil extract able terpenes from natural Grocers.

Natural Medicine

Orange peel has pectin, terpenes, and flavonoids.

Pea protein is a rant plain and simple at a dietary supplement company that refused to pay me for research collected on pea protein that they sell.  My impression that the Chinese produced pea protein that the fools at Bulk Supplements sell has had the sulfur amino acid rich proteins removed in the processing.  Oh well.  The Chinese farmers can use this fraction of pea proteins (removed from what the sell to the Bulk Supplements) to bulk up the muscles of their chickens and pigs.

 What is moringa? addresses some of the local buzz about moringa.  It turns out that both the seeds and the leaves have food value.  Consuming the leaves comes with the same caveats as consuming grapefruit: moringa leaves may interfere with drug metabolism.

China berry powder for mosquito control  Another blog inspired by mosquitoes where I live.  It was also inspired by chinaberry trees where I live.  South Africans actually use china berry tree extracts for mosquito control.
A brew for appetite control ?

NDGA and diet induced obesity  describes a compound found in the creosote bush in Tucson.  A Tucson based company sells the extract.  I thought consumers might want to understand the science.

Natural mosquito repellent is a run down on scientific studies of essential oils in Aunt Fannie’s mosquito repellent.
Terpenes in Now_n’_Later strain of cannabis is a run down on scientific studies of terpenes.  Do these studies support the claims of Now n’ Later?  They do, sort of.

Stevia serratia for pain?  This was inspired by refugees coming to the U.S. from Guatemala.  Our opioid issues are giving some of them reason to flee their homeland.  Could they also have some local herb alternative?  Stevia serratia grows in Arizona too.
Pecan Nut Shell Extract  This blog was inspired by many Brazilian papers.  I’ve tried this stuff.  It is pretty good.  There’s a company in Georgia that sells it too.

Elevacity Coffee  Mood enhancing coffee sounds like a good idea.  I just want them to be more honest about what is in it for those allergic to tree nuts.

Wheat and rye alkylresorcinols  I did some consulting work that introduced me to compounds called alkyl resorcinols.  Perhaps an extract would make a good dietary supplement for those with type 2 diabetes.
peppermint oil for bowel syndromes  This blog was inspired by a massage therapist who claimed that peppermint alleviates pain. I hit the scientific literature and learned some more things it does.
CB1 receptors and hair growth  This blog was inspired by some consulting work I did on CB1 receptor partial agonists,  inverse agonists, antagonists, etc.

Ganaderma lucidium polysaccharides is a follow up on the first blog.
Jul 30, 2018 9:09 AM
Ganoderma lucidium tea was inspired by some local mushroomers who recommended this tea for me to drink for medicinal purposes.  Not until I know what is in it!

A brew for appetite control?  We need the right bacteria in our guts producing short chain fatty acids.  Couldn’t we just drink such a brew for moments of need?