Healthy Mouth

Research is indicating that our oral microbiome may affect our brain’s functioning

OM230215 is an overview of studies demonstrating that ASD kids have different oral hygiene issues that typical development kids. Some other review articles covering how the oral microbiome can lean to brain dysfunction is also covered. Password is available upon request

Oral Microbiome explored the proteomes of different salivary glands, the Li reviews hypothesizing how the tongue microbiome contributes to cardiovascular disease…

Oral microbiome transplantaion started out with an Australian paper outlining how they would conduct such a protocol in a clinical trial. Genomics studies were pulled in to better understand which part of the oral microbiome would be used for an OMT. Bacteriophage are included in this post.

Mouth-brain-axis covers the cranial nerve innervation of the mouth, migration of bacteria through the trigeminal nerve, lymph nodes, and tertiary lymphoid tissues.

230127 is a post that was only recently made available. It comes from an email exchange on the 2023 January 27th concerningGI biofilms, by a microorganism that also produces a polysccharide that actgivates teh TLR4 receptor that is also found in the brain. We were on the right track then. We perhaps may want to not forget this info

Canine OMT compares a canine OMT that has already been done with focus only on the protocol. This is compared with a study human oral microbiome and transplanting it into a mouse model of gingivitis.

Oral Microbiome transfer explore a fecal and oral microbiome mega genomics study that concluded that child-father transfer was more than older child-mother transfer. Saliva seems to be a determinant. Strain seems to be more important than species as a determinant of transfer. All of this assumes that transfer between housemates is unintentional.