Dysprosium nano-magnets

Dy2O3 nanoparticle nano-magnets A previous study has explored the use of   dextran coated Dy2O3  nanoparticles as an MRI contrast agent (Norek 2008).  In another study, glucuronic acid was used to coat composite nanoparticles of Gd2O3 and Dy2O3  that served as a dual T1 and T2 relaxation agents (Tegafaw 2015). Dy(III) loaded tobacco mosaic virus nanomagnets T2… Continue reading Dysprosium nano-magnets


novel pancreatic cancer treatment

Targeting KRAS in pancreatic cancer The Kirsten rat adenosarcoma (KRAS) gene codes for a member of the RAS small GTP binding protein family.  RAS small G proteins are activated when they interact with growth factor bound receptors.  They are inactivated when they interact with G=protein associated proteins (GAP).  GAPs activate hydrolysis of  GTP to GDP. … Continue reading novel pancreatic cancer treatment

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FGF21 and NASH

A multi-center FGF21 clinical trial is conducted in the area for the use of a modified fibroblast growth factor 21 for the treatment of NASH  with fibrosis.  What is NASH? What is fibroblast growth factor 21? Fibroblast Growth Factor 21 (FGF21) is secreted by hepatocytes.  FGF21 stimulates glucose uptake in differentiated adipocytes.  The FGF21 Wikipedia… Continue reading FGF21 and NASH