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Natural mosquito repellent

Aunt Fannie's has a  essential oil based mosquito repellent that is worth trying.    Aunt Fannies seems to  keep away the mosquito that live in the over watered community that I also try to call home, if those insects would only let me! Many of us are in swimming pools a lot in the summer. … Continue reading Natural mosquito repellent

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peppermint oil for bowel syndromes

This blog follows the outline of a 2018 review of peppermint oil as a treatment of gastrointestinal disorders (Chumpitazi 2018).   The FDA has sent warning letters to companies that claim the ability of peppermint to treat diseases.  The message is that peppermint oil is in the process of being established as a medical food to… Continue reading peppermint oil for bowel syndromes