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Smooth muscle autoantibodies

I had an idea of at at home auto antibody test. Reading about auto antibodies changes my strategy totally for this at home product. How can our bodies product anti bodies against a protein that only recognizes a protein epitope when the protein is associated with other proteins? Smooth muscle proteins, and actin in particular,… Continue reading Smooth muscle autoantibodies

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FGF21 and NASH

A multi-center FGF21 clinical trial is conducted in the area for the use of a modified fibroblast growth factor 21 for the treatment of NASH  with fibrosis.  What is NASH? What is fibroblast growth factor 21? Fibroblast Growth Factor 21 (FGF21) is secreted by hepatocytes.  FGF21 stimulates glucose uptake in differentiated adipocytes.  The FGF21 Wikipedia… Continue reading FGF21 and NASH

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Ganaderma lucidium polysaccharides

The original goal was to address two questions regarding the polysaccharides of Ganderma lucidium: What do they do? How are they digested and absorbed by the human gastrointestinal tract in the first place?  See Ganaderma lucidium tea to understand why we care. One study I find truly incredible was performed by a group  from Mexico… Continue reading Ganaderma lucidium polysaccharides