heavy metal detox


OSR is eneramide, a compound developed to treat Hg poisoning. N,N'bis-(2pmercaptoethyl)isophthalamide is the official IUPAC chemical name. Emeramide is called NBMI in one of Haley's publications reviewed on this site. :This compound is made from two dietary agents containing sulfur, Cysteimine is a breakdown product of cyst 24 hour half life in blood of rats. Gets into the plasma and penetrates every tissue of the body and gets into the blood. binds Hg, Cd, Pb... also binds unbound Fe. Binds to Hg and does not let go. Also called NBMI and NMBI. [1] These are just some notes taken while listening to the video. Dr Haley was not interested in showing diagrams, pictures, or what not. A PubMed search on Haley B and mercury revealed many papers on the association of mercury with autism. NBMI/eneramide is shown in the feature image as is Hg complex between the sulfur groups of two glutathione molecules. Note that Hg is in the same periodic group as cadmium and zinc, a structural ligand in many proteins. We will visit Cd and Zn in this post.