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Structure of non graphite carbon

Benzo(a)pyrene Due diligence Benzo(a)pyrenes are formed from the incomplete combustion of organic material. They can be found in coal tar, tobacco smoke, and grill meat. These compounds can be very carcinogenic. Activated carbon can be a nice binder for detoxification. The Wikipedia author's explaination of why these compounds can cause trouble. Different types of coal… Continue reading Structure of non graphite carbon

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DMSA and ALA transporters

Regarding detox, transporters (and carriers/chelators) are the key. There are so many steps and each one needs to be looked at closely. . 0. Background Lipoic acid: Na+ Multi vitamin transporter The SMVT was considered a transporter of LA due to competition with substrates biotin and pantothenic acid. The need for LA transport is fuzzy… Continue reading DMSA and ALA transporters

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clinoptilolite and colloidal silica

We have been in awe in the quality of research coming out of teh Czech Republic regarding the health benefits of the alumina silicate zeolite, clinoptilolite. The Czechs have conducted a long awaited comparison of two processing techniques. It should be noted that Panaceo Inc of Villach Austria sponsored this study. Basic study groups (n… Continue reading clinoptilolite and colloidal silica