Welcome to my site!  BDL Biochem LLC started a few years ago as  a way to pick up Craigslist jobs when the start up company I was working for ran out of money.  These Craigslist jobs ignited my passion for things I’d like to continue to do for the rest of my career.   Two of these include:

  • getting an FDA “new dietary ingredient letter of acknowledgment” for an Egyptian cuprous niacin chelate
  • writing content for educational websites recruiting patients to clinical trials

While my PhD is in Physiology, I’ve been working as a biochemist.  You’ll find elements of both in my work.  I enjoy taking difficult scientific concepts and making them easier to understand.

Co-authored blogs for content advertising

  • Companies, particularly startups still looking for investors, might benefit from website content that can be understood by those with only a high school level of education.
  • High school and junior college instructors are always trying to make their content relevant to what students will encounter in the real world.
  • I would like to connect companies with high school and junior college instructors to write educational content for the company websites.  I could be a go between or a coauthor.
  • Students get a sense of how what they are learning about n class is applied in the real world.
  • The company gets more visitors that linger to learn.  This improves their Google ranking.
  • The company can say that they support STEM.


These rates are negotiable as I refine this new business idea.

  • PDF files of journal papers I charge $5 per PDF copies of papers available from electronic journals at the local university.  The journals typically charge $30.
  • Doing  something completely new that I probably can do but haven’t proven it yet:  $20.  I charged $20/hr pulling together published literature and clinical trial data on the Egyptian cupric niacin chelate.
  • Website content writing:  I have earned $40/hr writing content.  For not for profits and start ups I charge$20 per hour
  • Original images:  This one is up for negotiation.  Most of the images on this site are original and easy for me to produce.  I will charge $5 for images similar to those on this site.
  • Informational websites:  I charge $20 per set up.  Adding content comes to $20 per hour.  I  can make you a co-administrator.  I’ve found that people are often unwilling to read PDF or Word documents when they are traveling.  Website information is great because it can be read from a cell phone.  The plan is to one day offer SEO optimization.




SARSEF, Southern Arizona Research, Science, and Engineering Foundation is proving to be a resource in formulating this new business idea.  They sent me on the search for AZ State Science requirements.  Local businesses can support STEM by teaching students how core principles outlined in this document are implemented in their products or services.