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H2 Therapy

These are some of the products on the market

  • Water stick from Japan seems to use electrolysis to generate H2 from H2O
  • Vital Reaction sells some tablets that evidentially relese H2 when added to water. It would be good to request the Materials Safety Data Sheet MSDS before using this product.
  • H2 inhalation machine is also sold by Vital Reaction.
  • Cision Newswire makes brief mention of GI bacteria that produce H2.
  • Living Water USA sells a water stick
  • Amazon sells a colorimetric reagent for measuring the concentration of H2 in a water sample. This is fine. One should ask the seller if the reagent comes with a color code.

Just one PubMed Review

Let us briefly acknowledge the science before getting to a big precaution to keep these water sticks safe. This review comes from the Department of Neurosurgery at Loma Linda University. Most of their discussion concerns H2 therapy for neurological conditions associated with inflammation.

Ramanathan D, Huang L, Wilson T, Boling W. Molecular hydrogen therapy for neurological diseases: a review of current evidence. Med Gas Res. 2023 Jul-Sep;13(3):94-98. PMC free article

H2 is delivered clinically via these routes

  • H2 gas inhalation concentrations (1%, 1.3%, 2%, 4%) through a ventilator circuit/face mask, supplied by gas tank. 4.7% was cited as the concentration that is below the point in which H2 becomes flammable. Mention was made of H2 gas nebulizers at 66% being available clinically. The authors claim 30 min for peak concentration in mice model tissues.
  • intravascular hydrogenized saline This can not possibly be via hydrolysis as will be discussed below The review mentions a “:non-destructive” hydrogen adding apparatus. 1 min to peak concentration in tissues 1 min until peak tissue concentrations
  • increased intestinal hydrogen availability with with fermentable carbohydrates lactulose, acarbose
  • Oral consumption of H2 rich water and water with hydrogen rich tablets The authors cite 5 min
  • Fermentation of non-digestible carbohydrates by intestinal anaerobes was cited as a source of H2.

What “exactly” is going on at the electrodes? Note that there is no such thing as H+ in solution, only the hydronium cation H3O+ We will just assume H+ to keep the story simple.

Hopefully the “water stick” you purchase will advise you to use distilled water that has a low conentration of chloride anions that might come from small amounts of NaCl or what not. It is advisable not to use this device on normal saline thinking you will be consuming something that is isotonic.

The chloride anion is “happy” That extra electron gives it a complete valence shell of 8 electrons paired up and happy. Take one of those electrons off at the anode and you have a chloride radical, one unpaired electron short of a complete shell and reactive as all hell. It naturally reacts with itself to form deadly chlorine gas. It may also react with water to form bleach.

For Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

In a study of hemodialysis patients hydrogen rich water did not change total or reduced GSH but did decrease the amount of reversibly oxidized albumin. [2]

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