Welcome to my site!  BDL Biochem LLC started a few years ago at the request of an accountant for a company I worked for a few months. Prior to 2013 I was a laboratory scientist. I’ve done some off and on work for Mitosynergy that is described in the my FDA Work page. I’ve written condition related content for Mitosynergy that can be found at Cuprousniacin.life

In 2022-23 I helped a traditional medicine MD come up with strategies for an alternative medicine practice. Many of these posts are topics we explored together. Much of this site is devoted to many exciting alternative medicine topics that I’d love to help others further develop.

I’m also doing consulting work helping a special needs child with a lysosomal storage disorder find treatments. The parents and I have found a university professor who is willing to help in new ways.

Plant based medicine and pecan nut shell tea posts were written for fun and work I wouldn’t mind getting into.