Welcome to my site!  BDL Biochem LLC started a few years ago as  a way to pick up Craigslist jobs when the start up company I was working for ran out of money.  I’ve been working off and on for Mitosynergy INC since 2014.  During this period of off and on work I got a  Craigslist job writing content for Ignyta Inc.  Ignyta was recruiting patients with rare cancers driven by gene fusions with the kinases ALK, TRK, and ROS1 and house keeping genes that are expressed in large amounts. These kinases normally attach phosphates to signalling molecules that initiate cell division when a grown hormone bind to a receptor. The protein products of these gene fusions constantly tell the cell o divide in the absence of growth factors. How does one explain such a chimeric protein to lay audiences? Let the house keeping protein be something that is around in large amounts… like a cow in some parts of the US upper Midwest. The ALK, TRK, and ROS1 kinases respond to growth factors that tell the cell to divide. Like apex predators, it is good to have these proteins in expressed in low amounts. When the kinase domain of these genes gets fused to the promoter of a high expression house keeping gene…

An example of a whimsical original graphic from an Ignyta website I wrote content for.

My webmaster partner, Sanjay Chauhan, and I produced nine very popular websites. We beat a company conducting clinical trials of a similar kinase inhibitor in Google searches. Somewhere in this process I stopped being a bench scientist and started being an educator. I still do process development consulting. One of my current projects is developing a protocol for colonic delivery of bacteriophage.

During the Covid lock down I started compiling all of the educational material I wrote for Mitosynergy into https://cuprousniacin.life. We have completely ignored SEO for this site. All of the posts I write for this site are advertised on the Mito Facebook page. Many times I write content for the purpose of convincing other nutraceutical companies to add the Mitosynergy cuprous nicotinic acid to their formulation. Other times I write posts to address the comments of critics.

I’m slowly organizing this site as I figure out exactly the kind of consulting services I’m selling, Most of these posts provide links to posts involving various forms of plant based and alternative medicine. Pancreatic enzymes for cancer was written to educate myself and a physician who had a family member with cancer. It sounded like total “snake oil” at first. The more I dug into the literature, the more it sort of made sense. It is illegal to inject pancreatic enzymes into a patient’s blood stream in the United States. Some alternative medicine practitioners are asking patients to consume large amounts pancreatic enzymes. How can pancreatic enzymes possibly be absorbed by the small intestine WHOLE? I knew from a bench job that there are transporters for whole proteins in our kidneys that reabsorb proteins like serum albumin. One of these proteins, cubilin, is also expressed in the small intestine. We don’t know that cubilin transports pancreatic enzymes, but it transports many other proteins.